What Have I Been Up To Recently?

If you’ve been following my blog you might have noticed that I haven’t written anything in quite some time. “So, what’s up?”, you might ask.

Well, long story short - lots of things have happened March through May, 2021. Most of them unpleasant to say the least and personal, so I’d rather not disclose the details. However, I’ve also done a few things related to Information Technologies.

  1. I’ve switched to Windows entirely. That’s right - no more dual-booting and Linux for me. While I still like Linux and support the Free and Open Source ideology, I’ve also come to realize that I don’t have the time to maintain two different operating systems.

  2. I am continuing to learn C# and .Net, of course. I love it all, to be honest. .Net was another reason I gave up on Linux - while .Net is fully supported in that operating system, it all came to the point where I found myself spending more time in Windows because it has my favorite IDE, Microsoft Visual Studio.

  3. I’ve gotten rid of valticus.pro (and another .ml domain I had) because I realized some antiviruses flag .cf and .ml sites as not safe because people use the domains for harmful things such as scamming. So, Valticus is going to shine in all its glory on the original domain provided by Netlify until I decide on a fitting domain name.

  4. I continue to read, as I love reading books. One of my future posts will highlight the books I’ve recently read.

  5. My cat (who is watching me write this post, btw) will continue to be my co-author, so expect a post related to the life of cats ;)

Thank you for reading this. Good to be back. Stay tuned for updates!