How To Change Your VSCode Theme Depending On The Time Of Day

Val Paliy
Eye comfort is very important, especially to programmers, who spend most of their day looking at code in their favorite editor. I’ve already mentioned a few themes I like, and today I am going to teach you how to set your editor up in such away that the theme changes automatically depending on what time of day it is. Take a look at the three screenshots above: Cobalt2 Night Owl Light Night Owl The above are the three wonderful editor themes I use throughout the day (Night Owl Light is in effect from 6am to noon, Cobalt2 is noon to 6pm and Night Owl is my go to theme from 6pm to 6am, because it’s, well, perfect for us night owls out there).

Let's Talk About Fonts (Part 1)

Val Paliy
Let’s face it - as developers we look at code 90% of our time we spend in front of the monitor. While there tons of fonts available for our favorite text editors, both free and paid, I have found one font in particular to be extremely enjoyable (and believe me - I’ve tried a few). That is - JetBrains Mono, a free and open source font from the very same company that brought us tools like WebStorm and PyCharm.

My Favorite Visual Studio Code Theme

Val Paliy
Visual Studio Code Visual Studio Code (or simply vscode, or even code) is an editor developed by Microsoft. The editor was released back in 2015 and by now is considered one of the best if not the best code editors out there. I admit, I used Vim for a bit, but switched back to vscode+vim plugin, since I work with .Net nowadays. I am going to tell you about my favorite set of plugins in one of my next posts.